What do you do with clothes you don’t want or that your kids outgrow? ThredUP!!

OK, guys and gals- this has to be my very favorite new place, and it’s online.  I am a bit of a clothes horse- what can I say?  A girl can never have too many pairs of jeans, or shoes, or handbags, or cute tops, or winter coats, or sweaters, or dresses…you get the picture.  Unfortunately my closet is not 3,000 sq feet!  I have so many items I’ve purchased from Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, various boutiques, etc etc- and I’ve never figured out a good way to get rid of these clothes that are in great condition other than to give them to Goodwill, which is a great cause, but I was looking for an alternative.  And, frankly, I don’t have the time to go to a consignment shop, let them pick through what they want to take and THEN find a Good will to donate the rest.  And that’s just for my stuff!  My girls have grown out of SO many things over the years, and their cousins have all caught up to them in size- so what do I do with all of their things?  If I think of all of the money I’ve spent on their clothing and shoes plus all of mine, it would be nice to get just a little something back!

Drum roll please….you are going to love this!!!


You simply log in, set up an account, order a FREE bag, retrieve it from your mailbox, fill it with brand name clothes, shoes, handbags, etc (men, women, children), drop it by a FedEx or post office and wait for an email telling you how much your bag was worth.  They pay the shipping to get the bag from you, so it costs you nothing!  They take what they can and donate the rest, and you get $$ in your account to either spend in their store (which has AWESOME high end designer brand gently used items) or it goes into your PayPal account if you want to cash out.  I’ve sent in 4 bags, and each bag was anywhere between $70-$110 for me:).  And, since I love Tory Burch shoes, but hate to pay for, I also found a pair of gorgeous Tory Burch flats there that were $298 (currently at Nordstrom), but I paid $74.  They are awesome!  Love this place- they even have an app for your phone- check it out!