I Took My Life Back

My daughter’s eyes were wide as the wheels touched down and we taxied toward the gate at Charles De Gaulle International Airport. My other daughter and two nieces stared out the window of the plane, drinking in their first views of France. Having never gone past Mexico, they were all four giddy about the trip.

“I can’t believe I’m really in France,” my youngest mused.

This was a very special trip, an opportunity for my daughters and nieces to experience a part of Europe with their beloved grandmother, who loves international travel more than anything. From Paris all the way to the beaches of Normandy, we explored everything from Claude Monet’s gardens to Omaha Beach – the famous D-Day landing site from WW2.

It became a family event, but not everyone was able to go. Specifically dubbed “the girls’ trip,” no sons or grandsons were on this particular journey. But, virtually, they were.

While they didn’t travel with us physically, we had the good fortune of being able to upload photos (with tags and comments) along the way in a private MYLO group, prompting all sorts of live group messaging chatter throughout the trip. When one of my brothers noticed my daughter’s purse unzipped in a photo we posted in Paris, he immediately chatted, “tell Lexie to zip her purse or she’ll get pickpocketed!!” Another member of the family commented, “I won’t have to take this river cruise now, because I feel as if I’m already on it with you! Good thing, because I hate flyingJ!”

Now we are back in the U.S., and one of my brothers is traveling. He, too, is sharing every moment of his unique experience with our private group as he goes.

Do you know what I love about this? I’ve taken my life back.

Made it exclusive again. After discovering Facebook in 2008, I posted a lot there- too much, frankly. Nothing is private or sacred or personal when you post your life in public. Privacy settings? Forget it- they change too much for me to have the time to keep up with the updates.

Over the past few years, my pendulum has begun to swing the other direction. I value my privacy and realize that not everyone needs or deserves to have the privilege of seeing/judging every part of my life. Like anyone reading this, I live my life in groups…immediate family, “the whole” family, the other side of the family, my girls and me, my daughter’s tennis team, my company’s branding team, different small groups of friends or special interests, trips with different people, and the list continues. I have a way, with MYLO, to select what to share with each of them, never revealing anything more to a specific group that what I specifically choose.

I feel empowered to control who I allowed into different parts of my life while at the same time able to share instant messages, photos with tags and comments, and event details with those who genuinely would be interested.

I can even create and share lists of websites, DIY projects, or cool items (like perfect gift ideas, etc.) pertinent to specific groups. All without sharing everything with everyone.

I’ve joined the ranks of the dreaded “dog posters” on Facebook.

Meaning I use Facebook less and less, and in a completely different way today from when I first began using it. I have many friends on Facebook I wish to stay connected with, but on a more filtered level. I cruise through Facebook from time to time just to see what everyone else is doing, as well as to like some things along the way. As far as posting? What can I say, I am a sucker for dogs and have 3. They make for great Facebook material, as well as occasional humorous or inspiring videos I run across that I think would make someone smile, laugh, or possibly feel uplifted.

My life is exclusive.

It’s private. I don’t need to live it on a public billboard. I have a private media platform, MYLO, which allows me to form groups and invite who I choose to allow into the different parts of my life. Sharing what I want to share with different groups of people. No strangers can find me. No outsiders can ask to join a group unless specifically invited. No one can find anything in any of my groups unless they are part of them. I have complete freedom to live my live authentically, sharing freely inside groups without public voyeurs trolling or judging. That’s exactly how I like it.

Some say that necessity is the motherhood of invention. As one of the founders of MYLO, I’d say that’s true.

The best moments of my life don't make it to social media.-Rosalynn Mejia


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  • Gail
    July 15, 2016

    What an amazing new app! I am able to share with my select groups and not have to wonder who else may be “looking in” on my more private life,