Infographic- How to Keep a Clean Digital Reputation

I love infographics.  They are interesting and easy to follow, so we created this one for you to refer back to throughout the school year.  If your teen looks at you like you have 3 heads when you try and talk to them about their “digital reputation”, remind them of those who have unfortunately tweeted or posted their way out of a scholarship.

Remind them of the teen who didn’t realize that  posting and sharing inappropriate pictures of his young girlfriend landed him a criminal record that will haunt him for life.

Remind them of the club volleyball player excused from the team over a bad tweet.

Remind them of the job they will lose to someone else who has a clean digital reputation when the perspective employer scours social media profiles of applicants.

I could go on with endless amounts of real life material I encounter every day- it’s reality.  And, the success of today’s kids is heavily reliant on how they present themselves online.

Without further ado…

10 Tips for Your Teens Digital Reputation