DIY inspiration for girls- of all ages!

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For any of you out there who love cool, unique ideas for anything DIY- you CANNOT miss this site:   Every once an a while, we have to take a break for ourselves.  Whether we are running kids to 14 different activities on the same evening or running between double booked, back to back meetings all day- we need to take some time for ourselves to recharge and stay sane.  And, I’m talking about more than a bathroom break:).  I know it is sometimes impossible to take 15 minutes and explore creative ideas for DIY projects that are practical, unique and affordable, but this site is worth perusing.  And, if you have a daughter- this is a great site to check out together.

Besides all of the unique DIY projects and creations on the site, there are two other things that really make this site stand out as unique: the mission to inspire and the ‘Girls Who Are Making It Happen’ page.  What a great way to recognize women and girls (of all ages!) for getting out there and doing something awesome!