Social Media 101 for Parents…


Just about the time I figured out Instagram and SnapChat, Yik Yak and Whisper show up.  And, what the heck is Kik?   Ask FM?  Seriously?  I just learned Twitter- which is really stepping out from Facebook- and now I have to understand why and how my kids ‘may or may not’ be using all of these other apps?  How about the school district confessions Twitter handles where kids post ludicrous (not to mention dangerous and/or illegal)  things they are doing and completely inappropriate photos “anonymously”?

Daunting??  Definitely.  But, check this out.  I found a very compelling and helpful website you will not want to miss.  Social Media 101 for parents, tweens and teens.  Josh Ochs does a truly amazing job showing EXACTLY how posted content can be used and mis-used.  Would love to get him to my girls’ middle and high schools!

Do yourself a favor (you can thank me later) and watch his Parent Social Media Training Video.  It’s 36 minutes VERY well spent.  He goes on to provide quick video tutorials about each of the key social media apps most popular with tweens and teens.  Eye opening and very informative.