What if we shifted from social networking to group networking?

Think about this for a minute.  You are sitting at the dinner table with your family having a conversation.  Whether it’s about your daughter’s day at school or the disgusting thing your son thought his lunch looked like- it’s an altogether different conversation than the one you would have with your adult friends.  Or, your co-workers.  Or, the other parents on your daughter’s cheer team.  And the list goes on.  The point is- there are different types of conversations and different pieces of information we share depending on those with whom we interacting.

BTW- I don’t care that your husband already had pizza for lunch and now you don’t know what to do for dinner!

With the ubiquity of social media- it has become the social norm to ‘overshare’ in our social networks. Do my 412 friends and followers really care about my daughter’s ability to dress the mini dachshund up like a hotdog?  Do they need to see the photos from our family vacation (after we are home of course:)? Or the amazing dinner I ate last night?  Probably not.  Actually, I’m sure not. But, my mom and siblings and a few cousins might enjoy staying connected that way and sharing more photos of what all of our kiddos are up to- since we are spread across a few states.  And, my closest girlfriends might care about the phenomenal bottle of Pinot I just discovered at Trader Joe’s or the new blouse I found at my favorite boutique.  But, my professional friends? Not so much.

So, what if it was easy- really easy- to set up groups and invite whomever you choose to participate in various groups?  

Sure would make sharing become more selective and less public. Novel idea to be able to converse differently depending on who you are talking to. And to share specific photos, documents or videos specifically and only with who you choose to share them.  Do we term this ‘group networking’? I know this can be done on a few social networking sites currently.  But, it’s sure not easy to figure out.  And, what’s more, those social networking sites are only for users over 13, making it a challenge for the coach to change practice at the last minute and get players and parents all notified quickly (but, that’s for the next post:)  How cool would it be to have a single group networking application, safe and appropriate for users of all ages, to manage all aspects of their life (from personal to school to professional) all in one place? Easily?

What??! You mean the amount of “Likes” or “ReTweets” wouldn’t count anymore?

Check this out- let’s take this idea a step further.  How stellar would it be to eliminate the “thumbs up” (translate: like) and the ‘re-posts’ (translate: RT) that dangerously define adolescent’s popularity today? Whoa! Genuine conversation and content sharing…quickly and selectively in groups…that is positive and not evaluated based on the number of “likes” or “RTs”…

Hmmmmm. We might on to something. Stay tuned….

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