great find for runners

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For all of you parents out there who are runners like me- you need to check out this site and download the app for your phone.  The site is  BEST resource I’ve ever found for very simply finding a run of any distance you prefer in any city you happen to be in.  When my daughter started running with me and felt ready to tackle a 10K, it took just a few minutes to locate one close by on the weekend we wanted to do it.  If you’re out of town for a few days or a weekend and want to experience a 5K or 10K (or any distance)- you have the best resource literally at your fingertips.  Trying to figure out when and when upcoming half marathons are anywhere in the US?  You’ll find them all here.  And when you need to register for the run?  The site puts you right where you need to be.  The site is free, super easy to use and extremely comprehensive with runs all over the US.  Check it out!