Rethink and save lives.

WOW…pretty much sums up Trisha Prabhu and her Rethink initiative below to help eradicate cyber bullying.  Apparently, Google feels the same way- she was a Global Finalist in the Google Science Fair 2014- go Trisha!  At 14 years old, she did an impressive amount of research and decided to create a tool that would flag a negative post and ask the ‘poster’ if they really want to send it.  She found that 70+% of the time, it worked!!

Trisha also studied how the adolescent brain develops- illustrating that an adolescent brain isn’t necessarily the hot mess we parents think it is, but rather, the front of the brain is not fully developed until age 25.  And, why does that matter? Because the front of the brain controls the decision making skills- such as thinking prior to acting.  Hello?! As parents, it’s a scientific fact that our kids don’t have the mental equipment to conduct themselves on social media outside of our guidance and oversight.

Now, quit reading, and push play below- Trisha will BLOW YOU AWAY!!!  Kudos, Trisha!  You are a true example that it just takes one to start a movement for change!!!!!