Podcast Interview: On the Vendor Floor

I was fortunate to have had the opportunity recently to appear as Melissa Emler’s guest on her podcast, On the Vendor Floor.


Geared to educators, her podcast is a pretty brilliant idea. I mean, who hasn’t been overwhelmed with all of the information available at a conference or tradeshow, wishing you had the time to get to everyone there? And, how many conferences have come and gone- ones you haven’t been able to attend because they are a.) super expensive, or b.) too far away, or c.) conflict with another commitment on your calendar? Melissa’s podcast is designed to connect educators with the ed tech community and promote awareness and access to the best of what educational technology has to offer. Whether you are able to attend a conference or not, you’ll obtain a wealth of information from Melissa’s weekly show and guest lineup.

Here’s a link to my interview with Melissa Emler:


The last question Melissa had for me in the interview was whether I had a few parting words to share with listeners. Absolutely…

Embrace privacy.

It’s so easy to be overly casual about our privacy, giving away information and personal details about our lives that we’ll never get back. Public social media is not an online diary; rather, it is an opportunity to create a personal brand. Perhaps even more than an opportunity, it’s a responsibility. A responsibility to represent yourself as you want others to view and judge you. It’s also a responsibility for modeling the behavior we expect our kids and students to follow about what they share and with whom they share it.

Quite simply, apply a filter to what you share publicly, and for things more personal, which should be shared only with select people- choose a private platform to share and document the pieces of your life you want to keep out of public judgment.

Promote privacy. Once you give it away, you can never get it back.