Online Tutoring Can Be Convenient and Cost Effective

One of the really cool developments in the “digital world” we all live in is online tutoring.  Let’s face it- our kids seem to be scheduled almost every minute of the day- far more than most us when we were their ages. It’s no wonder they need a little extra help sometimes.  And, never mind the fact that we are also running 90 miles per hour with our hair on fire as parents.  How do we fit in tutoring when we need 25 hours in a day for everything else?

Recently, I had the opportunity to collaborate with Andrew Burgess, of, and asked him what he thought the key differences were between online tutoring and in person tutoring. In the age where everyone feels (and really is) “busy,” the online tutoring industry is experiencing growth.  Check out what Andrew has to say below.  While is UK based, they work with english speaking students anywhere in the world to assist with the subjects of english and math at any grade level.

There are so many cool digital resources available that make our lives just a little easier as parents, so when I uncover one I like that might be helpful to other parents, I feel compelled to pass it along.

In the interest of full disclosure, I was not compensated to post this article or to promote FutureSchool.  I’m very picky about what I identify as resources for electronic parents, and will only point out resources that I wholeheartedly believe offer high value and a solid reputation.


contributed by Andrew Burgess

Online Tutoring vs. In-Person Tutoring

Perhaps it is that your AP Trig class has become too difficult to bear. Or, maybe your homework load is becoming entirely too much to manage. Whatever the reason, you’ve decided to put your faith in a tutor to help bail you out. So, now the question becomes: online tutoring or face-to-face tutoring?

Those individuals who have a history with home education are likely to naturally be drawn to online tutoring, as opposed to in-person tutoring. As they are sure to be aware of all of the inherent benefits that come along with the technological advancements that have allowed for the efficiency and effectiveness of online tutoring. For those that are not, allow us.

Benefits of Online Tutoring Over Face-to-Face Tutoring

Here are some benefits in choosing online tutoring over face-to-face tutoring, in case you didn’t know.

Face-to-face tutoring can become a bit of an inconvenience when the school year gets into full swing. Extracurricular activities, work and many other essential activities may be affected by the burden of a set tutoring schedule. Being able to log on whenever, wherever and for however long is a definite positive.


Online tutoring allows you the opportunity to get help with any subject that you see fit. Help preparing for your chemistry exam on Monday and Geology quiz Wednesday.


Online tutoring lets you only pay for the tutoring that you need. Unlike traditional in-person tutoring sessions, that are prescheduled and set. Where you may end up paying for help that you do not necessarily need.

On the contrary, one could make the argument that face-to-face tutoring is more personalized and allows for the tutored to use teaching techniques that most benefit each unique student.

The bottom line is that finding the right tutor, be it through an online tutoring service or in-person, makes the difference in whether you learn the material or act it. For the best services in home education, visit for more.