Former NCIS Special Agent Talks Online Safety and Cyber Predators

Ever wonder what it’s like to be an NCIS Special Agent?  You might be shocked to find out that they don’t solve every case in an hour, not all of the bad guys go to jail, and what we can’t “see” on TV is how bad most of them SMELL in the interrogation room.

In this interview, Former NCIS Special Agent, Heather Ryan, not only tells us about her super cool career as a “real life Detective Olivia Benson”, but she also gives some very important tips about online safety.

As Heather does a great job pointing out, bad guys are thick online, and you are an easy target if you…

1. Have your location settings on when you take a photo (the wrong person can discover exactly where photos were taken if location settings were not off when the photos were snapped).

2. “Check in” on social media (oh so tempting for teens to show everyone where they are, but so dangerous for alerting EVERYONE to where they are).

3. Post about where you are going to be and when (i.e. “I’m going to be at XYZ park with Joey who is 6 and Susie who is 4 this Friday at 1:00- would love to meet some new friends” – is an open invitation to people who don’t want to be your friend).

4. Post about being home alone (i.e. “hanging out at home tonight with the house to myself- someone come hang out with me” is an open invitation to the wrong person).

5. Post any personal location information on your public social media profile.

Any privacy in public is a hard thing to negotiate. – Benedict Cumberbatch