MamaBear makes a great monitor for today’s electronic playground…

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Here’s another awesome find and great tool for parents. If your child has a mobile device- regardless of whether he/she is 8 or 16, you should look at this app. A bit of a ‘mama bear’ myself, I love the idea of being able to set up filters for my kids’ social media accounts so that I can receive an alert for anything that might be suspiciously like cyber bullying or inappropriate interaction with a stranger. MamaBear is available for both iOS and Android, and can be password protected so that your child can’t remove it from the device where you installed it.

I’m sure you’ve seen the controversy about whether installing apps on your child’s phone to monitor what they’re doing is ‘going too far’ or spying. But, seriously? Is restricting my 16 year old from driving across the country by herself going ‘too far’ just because she has a license? One of the hardest parts of being a parent is setting boundaries- and keeping them. And part of being a parent to today’s digitally savvy kids, who know nothing different than technology conveniences and social media, is setting boundaries and protecting them in their electronic world. Which is the entire premise of electronic parenting.

So, hopping off of my soapbox now. If you want to make sure your kiddo arrived where they were supposed to be, give him/her a way to check in or alert you when they need you, and monitor key events such as new friends and/or posts with specific key words in all of their social media accounts, this is a great app. I especially like the idea of setting up any key words I choose so that I don’t have to constantly watch every little post and pic on Instagram or Twitter, etc. Instead, anything I add in my filter as a keyword will automatically alert me when a post has been made with that word or phrase.

I’m 100% in support of any tool that makes our job as parents a little easier. MamaBear is an electronic playground monitor for kids of every age.