Looking for a fresh way to help your daughter end her day on a positive note?

princess fables

When my daughter was 4 and proudly sporting plastic Cinderella ‘heels’ and Minnie Mouse sunglasses at her older sister’s gymnastics meet, people would ask how old she was.  Every hair on her head (that was poking out from the crooked Sleeping Beauty headband) was bursting with confidence and attitude.  I was no different than many moms of little girls that age and would respond, “4 going on 21”.  She was all sass.  Both of my girls were.  But, now that she’s 11, that transitional time between being a little girl and becoming a teenager, that we affectionately call “tween” years, can be tough.  Wanting so badly to be perceived as older, both of my girls (and I’m sure mine aren’t unique in this respect) still adored some of the habits, toys and comforts that made them feel good as little girls.  Dolls, stuffed animals, art projects, Disney movies and bedtime stories.

So, my ‘tween’ 11-year old and I ran across a website and read ‘The Princess Who Always Said, “Not Today” for fun one evening.  My ‘too cool’ 6th grader said, “I love that, mom, can we order the book?”  So, for those of you looking to spend a few special minutes at the end of the day with your daughter, I love and recommend this book.  I ordered it from Amazon, and the website to check out the free story is http://www.princessfables.com/free-story.html.  Yes, I actually ordered the hard copy so that my daughter could have it as a keepsake.  However, it is available to download as well.

Enjoy!  This is a refreshing set of stories, by Marc Clark, that communicate and illustrate courage, love, trust and the sheer fact that it’s ok to be a kiddo and learn through experience, mistakes and the support of others.