Frienedy puts parents in the driver’s seat- check us out in the news!


So, if you’re wondering why I’ve been a little behind on this blog for the past couple of months, I’ve been a bit busy with our national launch of  Frienedy is my true passion- a creation for parents to have the ability to introduce children to social media on their terms before kids get online or get that first device and discover it on their own… and become victims of their own innocence.  Frienedy is also a creation for all people who want a private and comprehensive way to manage all of the groups in their life in one convenient place.

I’ve been working on Frienedy (with a team of people far smarter than me!) over the past few years, and was excited to launch nationally April 2 of this year. I am compelled to make a difference in the social media world and provide people of all ages a private, safer way to communicate online.

This post recaps some of the great articles that we were so proud to have written about us, as well as some local radio coverage.

Press Release Link:

I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to appear on three local radio shows that have significant listenership. I really enjoyed sharing my journey and giving insight into what Frienedy is all about!

Links to these radio shows are here:



The John and Kane Show:

I’ve also been truly honored to receive great reviews from respected experts on parenting and online safety.

Links to these articles are here:

Some additional articles written locally include:

Stay tuned- there is so much more from us on the way.  We have 3 amazingly engaging videos about ready to be released, along with our iOS app later this summer!  We are looking forward to schools, sports teams, gyms, scout troops and clubs all over the world using Frienedy!!