Frienedy- the first private group networking site…

As promised from the last post…drum roll please….

My favorite site that every parent needs to know about for 2015 is…


Officially launching this week, Frienedy is the first private group networking site suitable for users of all ages. In the era of social networking today, where cyber bullying is rampant, younger and younger kids are getting online, and the tendency to overshare is strong and growing- it is definitely time for something suitable for users of all ages that offers a different level of privacy.

Enter Frienedy.  With the mobile apps in development, the site has been engineered ‘mobile first’- so that it is user friendly on all types of devices and can be pinned to the home screen of any device.

Frienedy is designed to be suitable for users of all ages, allowing parents to choose the right time to introduce their children to the concept of social or group networking. Essentially, parents are now in the driver’s seat and can set up children under the age of 13, guiding and overseeing their unique experiences.

But the site isn’t targeted to children.  Rather, it’s a new way to interact with all of the groups you associate with in your daily life and selectively manage the exact content you choose to share with them.   Your personal profile is private, accessible only to you – so you can upload any photos, videos, documents, etc there and keep them private.  You have the ability to create or be part of Groups (think sports team, dance studio class, club, youth group, scout troop, you get the idea) and can upload photos, videos and documents and share them selectively with various Groups.

There are some big features being added over the next few weeks as well such as a smart calendar for managing Group events (think sports schedules or scout troop meetings, etc) and an interactive wish list for the shoppers among us:)…and our for the kids who seem to have come pre-programmed to say, “I want” or “I wish I had” 57 times per week!  Wish lists also work well for groups (think sports team that needs items for camp, group who adopts a family for the holidays, etc etc etc- limitless!).  More to come on these features as I see them rolled out.

In the meantime, this is a great site that seeks to change the social media norm and eradicate cyber bullying. It takes one to make a difference and promote big change.  This is the one.