Eradicate cyber bullying before it starts…

In honor of National Bullying Prevention month, I can’t resist sharing one of my very favorite things.  And one that is very near and dear to my heart.  Below is a short preview video about  As a mom, this is something I wanted- something all encompassing and easy to use from a social media perspective.  Something that allows me to set up pages for my kids along with unique permissions for each of them that I control.  Something that is everything from a life management and calendaring tool to a way I can selectively and easily share photos and videos as I post them ONLY with whom I choose.  Something that would allow me to tack favorite crafts, recipes, or projects onto a virtual tack board and chat with selected family members or friends to stay in touch.  Oh, and something for my kids to add to their never ending, “Mom, I want…” list- so that grandparents won’t have to ask what they want for Christmas or birthdays but can order straight from a wish list that they have visibility to- Something that is sort of, well…life management meets social networking.

And, most of all, something that puts parents back in control where social media is concerned, by allowing them to set up their own unique permissions for each child (regardless of age- because we are compliant with COPPA) and parameters for visibility to others.  Ready for this part?  How cool would be it be to have the ability to delete a post that was created by or towards your child that you felt was mean or inappropriate?  Yep- that’s what we’re all about.  I get the fact that most teens do NOT want their parents knowing what they’re doing online.  Which is exactly why you should know.  And which is exactly why you should also take the opportunity to be the one(s) to introduce your younger kiddos to social media when you decide the time is right.  Not with them coming to you with a full court press about why exactly they need Instagram, Facebook or Twitter at age 10.  Parents are much better equipped to decide when a child is ready to interact online than a child it.  So, this is my gift to all engaged parents out there.  Here you go.  It’s your opportunity to take the control back and prevent cyber bullying for your child well before it has a chance to happen!

Well, here is it. We have moved forward with a ‘soft launch’ of Frienedy to gain some initial feedback that will help us make ensure the best possible user experience, and will be available to the general public along with mobile apps right around the corner.  So, stay tuned.  And, if you’d like to be the first to know when our public site opens up- sign up for the notification email right here!