Is there such a thing as a deleted post?

Don’t bet on it.  I hear kids all the time talk about a post that caused a lot of buzz in their social media world.  I also hear kids talk about regretting a post because of making a bad choice on a Friday night and then mom finds out and then the post gets deleted and we said it won’t happen again yada yada.   As a parent, this is the conversation I have with my kids regularly:

Think you got rid of it?  Better think again.  It may come back to haunt you.  If you think your deleted post is gone for good, you may be surprised how often and where it can show up.

Too often, kids post comments or pictures in the heat of the moment and then wish they hadn’t later.  No problem.  Just delete it, right?  Not so fast.  Just because YOU delete it doesn’t mean it went away.  First, there are servers that retain backup copies of all data- and there have been incidents (with some social media platforms) of people deleting posts one by one, only to log in months later and see them all restored.  Second, how many ‘friends’ did you say you had?  It takes seconds to screen shot or download something and re-distribute it.  To someone else who re-distributes it and on and on.  Pretty soon, your photo is uploaded to a site across the world that you’ve never heard of.  And, if you forgot to disable for location settings, uh oh.  That’s a whole other disaster waiting to happen.  Last, do you have all of your privacy settings enabled?  Or is it easy for anyone who happens to be online to find you and your photos and your online profiles…

Parents, make sure your kids see this video clip.  It’s really short, and a few years old, but oh so applicable.