Dear John, I mean, Dear Peeple…

Monday, March 14, 2016 0 Permalink 0


I’m breaking up with you.

Wait, I never actually liked you or was remotely interested in you.  As a matter of fact, you seem to feel as if you have the right to judge people, Peeple*. And that, somehow, is productive?

How is it that you feel there is room for you, Peeple?  If others want to find out about the character of someone, they will simply creep on their social media.  It’s that simple- you can find out everything you ever wanted to know and more.  How is it that you really believe you can march onto the scene and become the resident expert in human character?

Really? It is simply laughable that you market yourself as “positive.”  The only positive I see in you, Peeple, is the choice to completely ignore you.  As a matter of fact, you are pretty pointless. I mean, (thankfully) you did abandon the ability for people to give each other up to 5 stars for a rating.  Yes!  You rethought that one and now allow for 3 ratings: Positive, Neutral, or Negative.  How nice.  Do you really know anyone dumb enough to “approve” a Neutral or Negative rating be added to their profile?

I mean, really, there are a few people out there for whom the “don’t try this at home” or “caution, coffee is hot” warnings might apply.  Perhaps you are better suited to court them.  Because I can assure you I will not give you the time of day.

One other thing.

Whatever planet you came from, this is Earth.  We choose our doctors, teachers, babysitters, employers, dentists, home cleaners, etc via more reputable means.  We use word of mouth here.  Or, reputable companies who publish respected business reviews and ratings.  Especially for professional services.  I deserve what I get if I were to actually choose a doctor based on a rating of Positive with a few (maybe fake/maybe not) comments from you.  And, if we really want to get to know a complete stranger- we go to their social media pages (as I alluded to above) to find out what they like, post, share, discuss.

And, I don’t need your help finding complete strangers “nearby” to meet.  That’s creepy and gross and risky.

So, where does that leave us, Peeple? Yes, of course.  You are relegated to one of two things in my book…either a complete waste of time or a counterproductive popularity contest riddled with “endorsements” that may or may not be genuine or accurate.  While you may be convinced that I need you and that you can add value to my life, I really don’t and you really don’t.

What?  You don’t get it?  Let me put it in terms that you will.  I rate you as “Negative” in all 3 categories of Professional, Personal and Dating. 


*If you haven’t yet heard of Peeple, it’s a new app that is advertised as “Yelp for Humans,” where you are able to rate people in much the same way you rate a restaurant.  There are 3 categories where you can give your personal experience with and/or opinion of someone:  Professional, Dating and Personal.  You can rate anyone at all as Positive, Negative, or Neutral. The person you rate must approve that rating of themselves for it to be added to their profile.  Soooooo, the point is…what? Because no one in their right mind is going to “approve” a negative or neutral rating of themselves in public, it leaves us with an app full of hokey, suck uppy, and possibly a few genuine comments that really don’t tell you anything about the true character of that person. Hence this letter to inform others that perhaps Peeple is not the best use of your time.