Got a social media copilot for your family?

Every family can use a copilot to help navigate the turbulent air in cyberspace that seems to be constantly sending new and unknown apps to your child’s mobile device.  At least that’s what I’ve been told by my daughter- she swears she has no idea how all of the apps magically appeared on her phone when asked.  Which ones are age appropriate? Safe? How much time are they spending on their phones?  If you don’t have family rules in place that limit their access to their devices, are they laying in bed until midnight playing games, uploading pictures or texting?

Drum roll please….this has to be my very favorite app discovery.  It is a relatively new website and iOS app, with availability for Android coming soon.

Fasten your seatbelts and prepare to enjoy the ride at cruising altitude with  This app will help you manage your children’s devices from your own.  It works.  When I loaded it onto my phone, skeptical at first, I grabbed my younger daughter’s phone to install it on hers then placed it back on her desk where I found it.  I got into my dashboard and set up her apps to disappear.  It took her about 4 seconds to notice.  I’m pretty sure she broke a sound barrier running downstairs in a panic to ask me what I did to her phone.  Once I discovered it worked, I played around with it to test it and was extremely excited.  I explained to her that I wanted to be able to make sure that everything she puts on her phone is safe and that we are going to set up times where the phone will be off limits so that she can focus on other things.

It not only helped me have that discussion with her, but it put me back in control as the parent.  I have to admit- I’m feeling a little cocky now …. just because I didn’t learn how to use a mouse until I was 22 doesn’t mean I’m not completely in the know with what kids are up to online in 2014.  Seriously, as if I was born in 1970 and am clueless or something? Not so fast…I got this.

If  I want to set up schedules for when she can access certain apps during specific times of the day- I can do that.  If she needs to make an urgent call to me, she can.  I also see on a map where her device is at all times.  And, if you are thinking the logical question…can she take the app off of her phone? Yep, she can.  But, she won’t. Because it will show up when she does in my activity feed and she knows that.

The bottom line is that I pay for the device.  It is her privilege- not her right- to use.  My rules apply. Her safety is my chief concern.  You will do yourself a favor by checking this out.