Coming soon…Frienedy

Meet the next generation of social networking.  Coming October 1, 2014.

Introducing Frienedy. A safe, private way for children, adults, families and organizations to engage and interact in a rogue, predatory electronic era. We’ve re-invented traditional communication in a non-traditional world.

Our mission is to provide a private online environment that leverages parental engagement to guide and enhance the social networking experience at all ages.

Enabling parents to set up permissions for each child uniquely, Frienedy offers all of the popular features in social networking applications today along with family and organization calendars, wish lists and virtual tack boards.

Designed for engaged parents and their children, families, schools, organizations and teams, Frienedy is engineered to prevent cyberbullying and eliminate the risk of children becoming victims of cyber-predators.

Did we mention it’s free? Did we also mention you won’t be wading through ads as you scroll through your activity feed to get the scoop on every post related to your page (and your children’s pages)?

Is your life connected?

If you’d like to be the first to know as soon as we launch, visit and provide your email address.