The Coca Cola ad that promotes being positive online

I can’t lie.  I watch the Superbowl for the commercials.  They are definitely my favorite part, every year, without fail.  I love the funny ones (thank you Dorito guy in the airplane seat) and the cute puppy ones (thank you Budweiser for that darling lost lab puppy commercial).  I realize that everyone has their favorites.  But, this one…the Coca Cola add I pasted in below- is AWESOME and by far, my favorite!!!!

Cyberbullying touches us every day- whether it’s someone we know, a story we see on TV or online. The statistics are mind blowing- with over half of all adolescents experiencing cyber bullying and just as many of them who are victims choose to not tell their parents.  It is truly refreshing to see a large corporation like Coca Cola create a commercial that not only ‘gets it’, but that promotes being positive online.

Have a look for yourself- I guarantee you will smile when the mean comment on the little boy’s cell phone turns to a smile on the school bus.

You’ll notice a vote button on this video as well.  Let’s help make this the best 2015 Superbowl Ad.  They are spreading a positive message and making it cool. #MakeItHappy