Best Digital Portfolio Tool for Teens – GoEnnounce

Since our mission with this blog is to empower parents to coach kids in a vast digital social world, I strongly believe in sharing awesome tools that you need to know about.  I spend a lot of time researching and testing and playing with every platform and tool I can get my hands on.  In early October, I had the opportunity to attend and speak at the Digital Citizenship Summit, where I met the founders of GoEnnounce.


Below is a snippet of a blog post taken from their site that explains some of the key features of GoEnnounce.  I’ve also provided a link to this post as well as to the site.  I’ve found GoEnnounce to be great for teens- it’s designed with them in mind, making it easy and intuitive to create a public digital portfolio of their accomplishments, goals, some of their work, and even the opportunity to fundraise.

I can’t speak highly enough of this platform- and I made sure my own daughter set up a profile to start tracking and showcasing what she wants potential scholarship committees and college admissions officers to see.

Blog post from GoEnnounce, entitled, “What You Do Online Has Consequences- Here’s How to Create a Positive Digital Footprint”  

“GoEnnounce is a great tool to effectually manage what you want people to know about you as a student. Since GoEnnounce is an academic social media tool, you can start to control how you are viewed by having a great Student Page profile. Your Student Page will actually show people what you are capable of academically and what your goals are, in digital form!

For example, on your Student Page, you can:

  • Post pictures of grades on papers or tests
  • Upload files, such as papers or assignments you are proud of
  • Share volunteer or extracurricular updates
  • Constantly update your bio, creating a more detailed look of your academic and extracurricular accolades over the course of your student life

Your Followers can comment with words of encouragement and advice. Colleges and employers love seeing you interact with others in a social setting to get a better idea of what you are like. Think of your Student Page as something you would be proud to show a college admissions office or a potential employer.

Because GoEnnounce offers you the ability to publicize your academic career online, you start to leave a positive digital legacy instead of a negative one. Colleges and potential employers will have the ability to visualize you and see more than just a GPA or test score.”

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