7 Tips to Teach Your Kids About Email


It is a rite of passage, like your child’s first sleep over or walking home from school without help, at some point your kids will ask for and need an email account. But with an email account comes a how-to on proper do’s and don’t’s on using email. Just like everything else in life, its a learning curve.
When opening an email account for your kids, its important to go over some basics. Hopefully these few suggestions will make the transition easy and slick.

  •  Just like on social media, sharing too much is NOT a good thing.  Set your child down and let them know that its not okay to pass around their email address to everyone. Only allowing a few contacts should suffice.  Also, make sure your child knows its not okay for their friends to share their address either, like signing up for various services or random accounts.
  • All emails will be forwarded to YOU the parent/guardian.  This way your child knows whatever comes into their inbox will be read by you.
  • Sometimes emails aren’t from real people. Auto-responses or error messages don’t need a response.
  • Never send an image or text that you wouldn’t want Grandma to see or read. This is just a safe rule across the board, from emails to texting and social media.
  • Teach them the difference between CC (carbon copy) and BCC (blind carbon copy) and how there are appropriate times for both.
  • They don’t need to keep ALL of their emails. They can delete them and clean up their inbox.
  • Make sure they use proper spelling, sentences structure and punctuation. Emails are a little more thorough than texting so its okay to spend a little more time on them.

Email is a great way to communicate, and with a little guidance your kids can be a pro!

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**Article written by Brittany Oler of KidsEmail